Terms of Use

The terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") are(hereinafter, "our company") or the third party specified by the company is chataiaubriand(hereinafter referred to as the "website"), it is deemed to have agreed with the terms of use of this website (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") by using this website.

In addition, it links to the store cart and various SNS from this website, and it is assumed that the use of the service agrees with the conditions used in it.

  1. General rules

Article 1 user and member definitions
1 "user" means any person who uses this website regardless of whether or not we can identify the user.

2. Membership(there is a real domicile or residence in Japan)In accordance with the provisions of this agreement, we apply for member registration to our company in accordance with the prescribed proceduresA person who has approved membership registration to "Chateaubriand".

3. This service is based on our discretionChateaubriandProvides various services for members. For this serviceA member only page for a website on the website (hereinafter referred to as "my page"), and services offered by an online shop.

"Content" refers to the image, photograph, illustration, text, design, logo, image, program, etc.

Article 2 compliance with this Agreement

In addition to the terms of this agreement, the service applies to the various conditions (including the "privacy policy") that are provided separately by our company.

A member shall accept these in advance and use this service in accordance with the various conditions.

Article 3 change of this Agreement

1. If you fall under any of the following, you may change the content of this Agreement without prior consent.

Where the change conforms to the general interests of a member

(a) if such change is not contrary to the purpose of the contract of the member and is in a reasonable scope;

2. In order to change this agreement, our company shall notify the members of the agreement and the date of the change of the terms and conditions of the change in advance in the home page operated by the company.

However, with regard to the change which requires the consent of the member in laws and regulations, the consent of the member is obtained by the prescribed method in the change.

Chapter 2 membership

Article 4 Registration

1. A member who wishes to subscribe to "chataiabbriand" shall, when the member himself agrees with this agreement, make an application for membership registration on the basis of the prescribed procedure and setting and inputting necessary matters.

The registered information, such as the name, date of birth, address, and email address provided to our company upon registration, shall be hereinafter referred to as "registration information".

2. Registration procedures shall be completed upon the approval of the application under the preceding paragraph.

However, in cases where a person who has filed a member registration falls under any of the following items, the company may refuse registration or cancel the registration made once and leave the party.

In addition, even if the company cancels the membership registration and cancels the member registration, the member shall not be able to escape the responsibility for the fulfillment on this agreement, such as the duty of payment, etc.already generated by this service.

(a) if the company judges that it violates this agreement or may

(a) in cases where there has been a false, misstatement, or description concerning the registration information provided to the company

(a) if a person has been rescinded or suspended temporarily in the past

(E) in cases where it is deemed that the registration is not appropriate

Article 5 Administration

Members shall strictly manage and retain their own responsibilities in order to prevent any errors arising in use, loss, loss, theft, or third party's illegal use (hereinafter simply referred to as "accidents"), and shall not transfer or lend them to third parties.

In the event that any accident occurs, such as loss or loss of any of the items, we agree that the service may not be available.

  1. ID
  2. Password
  3. Email address

Article 6 liability

A member shall notify the immediate notice of the occurrence of any accident in any of the items of the preceding article and follow the instructions from the company.

In addition, we shall assume that the liability of the damage caused by the accident is held by the member, except for the case of the responsibility of our company.

Rule 7 change of registration information

When a change occurs in the whole or a part of the registration information, the member shall promptly change the registration information by the method prescribed in us.

Our company shall provide this service in accordance with the registration information of the member, and shall not be liable for any damages caused by the member not changing the registration information.

If the member fails to make the change process, the processing of the already registered information is appropriate and valid.

Article 8 withdrawal

1. If a member leaves a party, the member shall lose the right of membership.

In addition, the member may withdraw at any time according to the prescribed procedure in the case of wanting to withdraw.

2. If we have an offer to withdraw from the member, and if the member falls under any of the following items, we will be able to withdraw from the member without prior notice or notice, and we will be able to erase the registration information of the member by the method that our company considers to be safe.

The company shall not be liable for any damages arising into the member due to such withdrawal.

(a) in violation of any of the provisions of this Agreement

Cases where the purchase of the purpose of profit or resale is found


(E) when a false fact is found in the registration information of the member

(o) in case of obstructing the operation of this service regardless of the means

(c) if there is any delay in the performance of the payment debts to the company or any other default

(3) in the sales history managed by our company, when 37 months have passed from the final purchase date


In the case where the company considers that the continuation of the registration of the membership is not appropriate

Article 9 contact with accident

A member shall immediately declare a request in the prescribed manner and make necessary procedures in accordance with the direction of the accident.

Article 10 prohibited acts

In the use of this website, the following acts (including acts and preparation actions) are prohibited.

  1. The act of giving or disadvantageous or inflicting damage or damage to a company or a third party to the company or its company
  2. The act of defamation or defamation of the products and services of the company and its affiliated company, or any act that is likely to be

3. The act of defamation or defamation of the officers or employees of the company and our affiliated company, or the act of causing them to be slaughtered

4. Contrary to public order and good fortune, the act of detriming our credit and quality, or any act that is likely to cause it

Acts which result in acts of crime or criminal acts or

The act or the act of violating laws, regulations or ordinances of the state or region where the user is located in Japan or in use
7. The act of causing misrecognition between the company and our affiliated company with any affiliated or cooperative relationship, or the act of causing the misuse of the recognition, guarantee, support or recommendation of the site of the link
8. The act of linking a web site, such as a frame link
Act of violating the provisions of this agreement or any other provisions provided by the company
Act of making use of this website and reacting to third parties and making use of this website by third parties
Act of providing false information to our company
The act of sending or offering harmful programs, such as computer viruses, or recommended acts
13. The act of copying, modifying, tampering or erasing the contents and programs of this website
14. Decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembly, and analysis of the source code or protocol of this service

15. The act of judging that the company is inappropriate

Article 11 measures

1. The company may take temporary or indefinite use suspension measures of this website by such members without prior notice or notice if there is any or any corresponding cases in any of the items of the prohibited act specified in Article 10.

2. In cases where the members, service users or gift sending destinations fall under any of the items of paragraph (1), the company shall not be liable for any of the members, service users, and gifts to be sent to the gift recipient.

Chapter 3 contents of this service

Article 12 contents of this service

The contents of this service are as follows.

2. Our company shall, in accordance with our discretion, be able to modify, add or discontinue all or part of the content of this service without obtaining the consent of the members.

In addition, we can terminate all or part of this service by the discretion of our company, such as business and technical reasons.

We shall not be liable for any member regarding the change or termination of the service.

Chapter IV intellectual property rights

Article 13 ownership of rights

1. All rights relating to intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights and other services relating to this service shall belong to a third party who has granted the license to our company or our company.

2. The license of this service to a member does not imply the permission or use of the rights set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Rule 14 infringement of rights

1. Copyright (c) Copyright (c) 2007 (c) all rights reserved (including documents, photos, images, music), and other intellectual property rights shall belong to our company, or our company is based on the license and other legitimate fields. It is prohibited to use it except for the personal use purpose without permission of the company or the right of each person, or to duplicate, send, modify, modify, reject, and transfer to other websites regardless of and outside the network.

2. The rights of the individual trademark, mark, logo mark, and trade name listed on this website and on this website shall belong to our company or are based on the license and other legitimate titles. The act of using these without the permission of our company or each right holder is prohibited by the Trademark Act.

4. In cases where an act of infringement of intellectual property rights or other rights is found, such members may take legal actions such as an injunction request, a claim for damages, a criminal complaint, and other necessary measures.

Chapter 5 dismissal, etc

Article 15 communication equipment, etc

1. Members shall maintain and manage computer terminals, communication equipment, communication lines and other facilities necessary to use this service in their own responsibility and burden. The company shall not take any responsibility if the members suffer disadvantages or damage due to malfunctions, fraudulent operations, hacking, and disadvantages of these devices and lines.

2. Setting up the terminal used by the user or some browsers or applications may be unintended.

Article 16 suspension of service, etc

If we fall under any of the following items, we will be able to suspend or terminate all or part of this service without prior notice to the members.

As a result, even if the members suffer disadvantages or damage, the company shall not take any responsibility.

1. Maintenance, inspection, repair, etc. of this service facility, etc., periodically or in emergency

2. Cases where the service cannot be provided due to fire, power outage, natural disasters, or other non resistance


Article 17 Disclaimer
1. Our company does not always guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, certainty, safety, and other details of the content of this website.

2. Except for the cases specified in this agreement, we shall be aware of the errors, changes or deletions of the contents, the failure or the failure of the system, the failure of the system, the invasion of this website by third parties, and the dispute over the transaction Or, you shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the suspension, etc. of this website.

External link

If you are linked to other sites than this service, we will not be liable for any of these sites without any warranty, including the accuracy and usefulness of the resources and content.

We also shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of these linked sites.

Article 19

1. This website prohibits linking from a website containing the following content.

Contents against public order
Contents violating laws and regulations
(I) the contents of slander and slander of the company (including affiliated companies) or the persons concerned with us
(I) the content that can be judged objectively when the company value is damaged

2.   If a user attaches a link to this web site, it is assumed that the linked page may be changed and deleted without notice, and that any disadvantage generated by the movement, erasure, etc.of the page is We shall not assume any responsibility.

3. Each link site is managed and operated by the responsibility of each website. The company shall not be liable for any damages, complaints or any other claims, including any damages from any third party or any other damages arising from the use of the site, and the link to this website or the link from this website We do not recognize, guarantee, support or recommend the use of the link site or the products, services, companies, etc., which are listed on the site.

Chapter 6 online shop

Article 20 purchase of goods

1. If you wish to purchase an item in an online shop, the member shall apply for the purchase of the item according to the prescribed method.

Users who are not registered may not purchase the item.

2.The point at which the email to the effect that the application for the application is accepted or the page of that effect is displayedA separate sales contract shall be established on the applicable goods between the member and the company.

3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if our company judges that there has been an illegal or inappropriate act regarding the use of an online shop, the company shall be able to cancel, cancel, and take other measures that the company has deemed appropriate.

4. The act of using the on-line shop of the application, etc.of the goods made by the member's email address and the password shall be deemed to be carried out by the member, and the member shall bear the payment of the commodity payment payment and other debts.

Article 21 settlement method

1. The amount of the payment when the item is purchased in the online shop is the sum of the commodity price, the postage, the various fees, the consumption tax and the local consumption tax. As for the payment of the purchased goods, it is one of the following items. Detailed payment methodNotation based on specified Commercial Transactions ActSee.


Payment by credit card

2. In case of payment by credit card, the member shall comply with the condition that the member contracts separately with the credit card company. If a dispute occurs between a member and a third party, such as a credit card company, etc., it shall be solved by both parties, and the company is not liable for any responsibility.

Article 22 return or exchange of goods

1. If you fall under any of the following items, the member may return or exchange the item.


(a) when a quantity different from the amount of application is delivered

Case where there is a defect such as stain, injury, or damage to the goods delivered

(E) in cases where it is deemed to be appropriate

The return or exchange of the preceding paragraph requires that all of the conditions set forth in the following items be provided.


Item (I) the attachment, attachment, and invoice of the goods may be restored at the time of delivery

(I) to suit the conditions specified by the company

3. In addition to the preceding sections, members shall comply with the rules prescribed in the terms and conditions concerning return or exchange. For detailsOn the terms of exchange and returnSee.

Chapter 7 handling of personal information

Article 23 handling of personal information

1. From our membershipAt the time of registration, at the time of the purchase of the product, at the time of the cooperation of the various marketing activities by the company, the event participationThe information specified in the following items (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") shall be acquired.



Date of birth


(o) telephone number

Email address

Product purchase history

Information requested by a member of the corporation for the provision of this service

2. Our company shall treat the personal information of the members based on the "privacy policy" to be published on our website.

3. Credit card information to be used when a member is using this service is used when settlement is made by a settlement agent, and is saved and managed by a settlement agency. We do not store and manage credit card information at all.

4. Our company shall use personal information and other information and data provided by the member to the company as the statistical information in the form that the individual can not be identified, and can be made public by our discretion.


The company shall use the personal information of the members provided for this service for the purpose specified in the following items.


2. Provision of this service

Shipment of goods samples and Awards

4. This service or any other information regarding our company or advertisement (including direct mail, newsletter, web advertising, etc.) is not limited to this.

Customer support from mail support

Implementation of market research, questionnaire or campaign for product planning, store development or service improvement

Analysis and research of information related to purchase of goods

8. Ensuring the opportunity to exercise or exercise obligations of the rights of the company based on this agreement or laws and regulations of Japan

9.   In the case where a member is contacted by an unavoidable reason

Provision of personal information

We shall not disclose or provide any personal information that we have learned through this service to a third party unless it falls under the following items.

1. In cases where the partner or individual of the partnership or the client is to carry out partnership business or entrustment work for the purpose of carrying out the respective objectives of the preceding article


3. In cases where it is requested to provide disclosure or provision based on laws and regulations

4. In cases where it is necessary for the protection of a person's life, body or property, it is difficult to obtain the consent of a member

5. In cases where it is especially necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of sound breeding of children, it is difficult to obtain the consent of the members

Cases where a national government, local government, national institution, local government organization, or any person who has received such entrustment needs to cooperate to carry out the affairs specified by laws and regulations of Japan, and there is a risk of hindering the execution of said affairs by obtaining the consent of the members

7. In cases of disclosure and provision to a person who takes over the business at the time of transfer of the business under the merger and other grounds

8. In addition to the preceding items, cases related to the protection of personal information and other laws and regulations


1. This website uses cookies (cookies) for improving user friendliness, statistical understanding of browsing conditions for website improvements, optimal site labeling, and advertising delivery. A cookie is a file that is stored on the user's terminal in order to identify your browser with other browsers, and to display the content and the advertisement that you have in the website. The information that is collected through the cookie is not included in the information that can be specified by the person such as the email address and the name. We do not use the information stored in the cookie for any purpose other than the statistical grasp of the browsing situation, the optimal site display, analysis and advertisement delivery to the visitor.

2. We may disclose all or part of the information collected by a cookie or the like to a third party (not including any information specifying the individual), based on the contents of the contract with the third party who entrusts the advertisement delivery of our company. In this case, the third party may use the history information of this website, and may be displayed on the website other than our company which registers the advertisement in the advertisement network. If you would like to stop advertising distribution, you can change the settings on the web page of the advertising delivery company.

Chapter VIII Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 27 confidentiality

Members shall not disclose and provide information to the third party without any prior written consent, with regard to the information disclosed by the company in connection with this service.

Article 28 damages

1. If a member violates this agreement or damages the company in connection with the use of this service, it shall compensate the damage to the company.

2. In connection with the use of this service by a member, if the company has received any request from a third party for any violation of the rights or any other reasons, the member shall be treated and resolved by his own burdens, responsibilities, dangers and calculations, and shall not be subject to any liability to the company.

Article 29 transfer of rights and obligations

1. A member shall not conduct, in whole or in part, the whole or part of his / her own rights and obligations to the third party, such as assignment, loan, and provision of security.

2. In cases where the business pertaining to this service has been transferred to a third party (including the case where the business is transferred in addition to the ordinary business transfer, the company split, etc.), the business shall be transferred to the third party The rights and obligations under the provisions of this agreement, the registration information of the members, and any other information concerning the members may be transferred to the assignee of such business transfer, and the members shall agree in advance to such transfer.

Article 30 separability

The remainder of the provisions of this agreement, and the remainder of the provisions of the provisions of the provisions of this agreement, which are deemed to be invalid or unensured by the consumer contract act or other laws and regulations, are deemed to remain in effect continuously.


In the event that there are doubts about the matters not provided for in this agreement or the interpretation of this agreement, both parties and members shall be consulted with both sincerity to resolve them.


This Agreement shall be governed by Japanese law.

When the dispute arises, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of the first instance.

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